Date of birth: 24.09.2005

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Foreign Exchange (Euro) Felicità (Maggie) Fiona Stella Gemella (Fiona)


9. Week 10. Week 11. Week
1. - 8. Week Proudly parents

Foreign Exchange vom Bärbach (called Euro)
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Euro lives with a family and 2 children on a farm in Michigan now, surrounds from many meadows, grasses. Society she has with some other Newfs, and her cousin Boo (his father is a half brother to our K.C. and lives in near with friends from us). 
Since 4 1/2 years there was the wish to receive a puppy from Julie or K.C. Yet, after this long time of acute and periodic mails I had a good feeling, we have met ourselves and are very similar in our attitudes and opinions, and consequently this wish was granted after this long time. 
So sorrowfully was for us this parting, we are happy also for Michelle and her family and wish Euro and them all the best! 
All dreams and hopes may become true with this little girl!

I have thought I send a Newf to Michelle - no, it's an Icebear...

There is many snow...

The first picture from Euro in her new home

Felicitá vom Bärbach (called Maggie)
DNK 45902

Maggie lives with a very nice family and their 3 girls in Freiburg. It was heavy also with Maggie to lets go her. 
And we hope and wish that she will develop into a lovable and healthy Newf and should bring mainly only joy and luck.

Fiona Stella Gemella vom Bärbach (called Fiona)
DNK 45903

Fiona lives with us and is a connection between K.C. and Julie/Ronja. Her Mom K.C. and also Julie takes care of her very well and educates her. We hope that she still develops good and healthy and we can breed maybe with her later. She is our Newf for the heart, perhaps in breeding later...


11. Week:

After Felicità also Foreign Exchange (Euro) has left us finally.

The last days were full worries and fears because of her long trip over the big water. 07.12. the day was coming and I have driven her to Frankfurt. The people of the Cargo service were however very nice and helpful and have calmed me, already in the advance, and all patiently explains. Nevertheless the parting was very badly for us and I was restless the whole day and the night and had the feeling, I has leaved my little girl. The new owners have immediately written after Euros arrival in the new home and sent the first pictures already and have us very, very relieved. Euro was not afraid and has appeared in the first hours already very assertive.

The last pictures from Euro and Fiona - and the last pictures before Euro flies:

Euro at home
and before her flight

Fiona and Euro

The feared day is arrived and Felicitá was picked up! However from a very nice family and we wish Felicitá, she is now called Maggie, and her new owners of everything imaginable property! The bad time may be past now and Felicità makes all honor for her name (luck)! The first feedbacks sounded very promising, Maggie affiliates her family narrowly. For Felicitá, many people have applied, families and breeders. All were certainly good places, however no one was "good for us". I have always waited for "the" family. I wanted a quite special family with children I can say YES. We have learned to know nice and very suitable people, but nevertheless I have always hesitated, was never right content. Until then this call came and it has simply "done click", I knew, there she will live and will feel well.

With all 3 girls we are content all around, they have developed over the whole 10 weeks very well and have become all lovely and pleasant Newfs - of course with the proportionate puppy-temperament and their antics.

The next parting is in big preparation. Euro is finally left us in the next days and her big trip is begun. This parting becomes certainly severely and the time goes too quickly for me.

The time with the meeting of Kay and K.C., the weeks of the waiting, whether K.C. is pregnant or not, then the wonderful result, that K.C. will be have puppies, the weeks of the preparation and tension, first the easy birth of Faustino and after him the difficulties, the OP section with the 3 girls, the death Faustinos on the next day and the mourning, growing up of the 3 girls, observing and the worry about their development - all that shuts the end now and we must them to go. The time, that had to come and we had always feared. So consciously and intensively I have never had a litter! Single solace is Fiona will live for always with us. She is wished for a long time, a puppy of K.C. and a binding between my loved dogs. Therefore she has received her name: "Fiona Stella Gemella", a symbolic meaning of a twin star. One star is K.C. and the other star is Julie and consequently simultaneously our Ronja. I was allowed to keep Julie 1998 from Ronja, from Julie unfortunately never a child. My big wish always was Julie/Ronja with K.C. in any manner, to be able to unite, and had given up this dream long ago. It began to grow again with Kay and this old dream became be - the connection of my loved dogs, unites in these 3 girls Foreign Exchange, Felicità and Fiona Stella Gemella. Howeverthese weeks with the little girls were with the most important time in my life. Whether finish our breeding or not will show with Fiona will appear later.

The first photos from Felicitá (Maggie) in her new home:

10. week:

Felicità goes...


It was a big problem to taken all 3 girls for 1 photo...

9. Week:


K.C lookes to her pups

The pups lookes to K.C. and Julie, they plays

Foreign Exchange (Euro)




1. - 8. Week

This litter is - for me - a special litter! Not born but they are in my heart and soul!
I hope to take a female for ME - otherwise a male. 

I have never takes a puppy from my K.C. This is her last litter and one puppies is me.


For me is a litter from K.C. and Kay very interesting. The type and health from Kay is excellent - but his father "Thorin aus der Mackenmühle" is a brother from my Ronja and the uncle from my Julie. It was always my plan to make one blood-line from both lines (Julies and K.C.s).

K.C. and Kay:

Fairweather's Always In Your Mind ( K.C. )   
Fairweather's Always In Your Mind and Chatkantarra's Kay for Black Pearls


Chatkantarra's Kay for Black Pearls

N 1574         BrWBlack    HD-A

Thorin aus der Mackenmühle
NHSB 2225763        WBlack   HD-B
Larinkallion Cippis Jaculaus
DNK 38746-I        WBlack    HD-A
Kaprice aus der Mackenmühle
DNK 36064        BrWBlack    HD-A
Mount Cook Quality Street
NHSB 215605          Black     HD-C
Pouch Cove's Windwagon Whaler
DKK 27253/94        Black     HD-A
Mount Cook Miss Money Penny
DKK 155379/94       Black     HD-A
Fairweather's Always In Your Mind

DNK 41000-I     Black      HD-A

Main Tickle Forbidden Planet

LOI DS148712         Black
    HD-A    HD-A
Twillin Gate Persuader
LOI DS115904      
Black      HD-B
Pow Wow's First Date of Skimeister
LOI DS115588      
Black      HD-A
Any Chance for You
LOI DS185304         Black
   HD-B/C   HD-B/C
Main Tickle Dark Knight

LOI DS138742       Black
      HD-A      HD-A
Blu Moon of Sun Bay
LOI DS149570       Black


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