Quanda-Ronja aus der Mackenmühle

DNK 37740, born: 16.05.1995, HD-C1, ED-0, OCD-0

died: 23.07.2003

Breeder: Heidi Zboralski

She's my girl !!!

Ronja 8 years old


ronja_baby.jpg (66860 Byte)

10 weeks old

ronja_ingol.jpg (16752 Byte)

13 month

CACIB Ingolstadt 1996 - Youngclass-Winner


ronja_syrgen.jpg (22311 Byte)

21 month

Syrgenstein 1997 - Best Bitch


ronja_liegend.jpg (11328 Byte)

2 years old

r_annie.jpg (243402 Byte)

Ronja with Annie get Your Gun vom Bärbach

(A-Litter 1997)


ronja.jpg (671886 Byte)

3 1/2 years

ronjanase2.jpg (15348 Byte)                 ronja0103a.jpg (16089 Byte)

She's sleeping             -               A very cold winter 2002


7 years old


pfotenspur2.gif (2929 Byte)

kaprice.jpg (21843 Byte)                           loverboy.jpg (17420 Byte)

Mam Kaprice (with Heidi Zboralski) and Grandpa Amorada's Lover Boy

ferro_1978.jpg (8067 Byte)          graf_1983.jpg (7938 Byte)

Grandgrandpa's Ferro von Söven (1978) and Graf von Luxemburg (1983)


canizm_skibber.jpg (7932 Byte)   galathee_1967.jpg (8665 Byte)

Grandgrandpa Caniz Major Skibber (1972) and

Grandgrandgrandma Galathee von der Niederburg (1967)


Gammel-Dansk vom Riesrand

31916   S   HD-A


Black Domes Sir Coxwain

DKK 03387/80   S   HD-A

Topmast's Hannibal

DKK 31208/78   SrSW   HD-A


DKK 13363/76   S   HD-B


Ferry vom Sonnenberg

30206   S   HD-B

DK/VDH/Int-Ch. Klubsg.

Ferro von Söven

27117   S   HD-C


Anka vom Sonnenberg

26379   S   HD-B

Kaprice aus der Mackenmühle

36064   SrSW   HD-A

Amorada's Lover Boy

NHSB 1725513   SrSW   HD-B

Spokinewf's Cariboo Cowboy

SF 25781C/84   SrSW   HD-

Amorada's Guardian Angel

Nrw 22577   SW   HD-A


Bummi aus der Mackenmühle

31924   S   HD-A


Graf von Luxemburg

30482-I   S   HD-A

Nanda von Söven

28180   S   HD-C

dogface.gif (4304 Byte)


Youngclass: sg4 München 1996,sg2 Frankfurt 1996, sg1 Ingolstadt 1996, sg1 Burgstäddt 1996                      

Open Class: Exc1 Syrgenstein 1997, Exc1 Trier 1997, Exc3 Ingolstadt 1997,  Exc3 Burgstädt 1998, Exc3 Böhl-Iggelheim 1998, Exc4 Dornbirn/A 1999 and many other Exc.


Ronja is the Mam of our A- and B-Litter. She have had many problems with her health, but she was a wonderful Mam.

No more puppies in the future from our Ronja - it's better for her and our live.


pfotenspur.jpg (1731 Byte)


welpe.jpg (20384 Byte)


durst.gif (14332 Byte)

Our dogs



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