Beetle Julie vom Bärbach

14.12.1998 - 28.01.2008

DNK 40730, HD-A, Ellbows 0 (free), Shoulders 0 (free), clear, Cystinuria Carrier

black                69 cm (official), 73 cm (right)


Julie is in paradise with her Mum and all other dogs/Newfs (28.01.2008)
I love my Julie, I miss her everytime


Last days with Julie - the end is near (26.01.2008)
a greatful Newf and my love


Julie dies...

She has a tumore in her bones - the end is near

A very great girl with a great living...
And a life without her? Not possible!

I hope she have a good living in the next time and give mit "the" sign... (Oct. 07)

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Christmas 2007:


Happy Birthday Julie ( 9 years old ):


October 2007:


Julie and water and playing...:



Julie 7 years

julie_zeichnung2b.jpg (16258 Byte)


Julie 6 years old

A fantastic mother is Julie!!! One notices at it again how much instinct is till in this race: Unfortunately less of her mother had Julie itself as baby (Ronja was sick and was allowed to always to mother her child the only 3 weeks only shortly) nevertheless Julie looked after her puppies to 100% careful and affectionate, almost she was already too guards. Always Julie had her children in the eye and if she wasn't in visibility with them once, she immediately speeded loosely, as soon as one squeaked. She left even her bowl for it!!! It was stirring with to look at, as she her children also to the gamble and loot-catch encourages, as she teaches them so much. She watched the small scrambles and brawls calm, however immediately intervened, as soon as one drives it too wildly.

julie_zeichnung.jpg (31127 Byte) E. Kessler  julie_zeichnung2b.jpg (16258 Byte) Atsuo M.

For a bitch, July is very big, she has however very powerful bones and a powerful body. A very lovely, playful bitch, whose big passion is also swimming, is July. Her peculiarity: she is awfully ticklish at the legs and immediately pulls the touched leg under the stomach quite narrowly - the sight, if she is into 3 legs then, is singularly...

julie0301.jpg (14132 Byte)    julie_maerz01.jpg (10929 Byte)     julie_maerz1.jpg (12010 Byte)


julie_kopf.jpg (16245 Byte)            julie103.jpg (16112 Byte)

julie0103.jpg (15321 Byte)    julie0106.jpg (15154 Byte)


julie2w.jpg (5222 Byte)  2 weeks old               julie5w.jpg (28000 Byte) 5 weeks old


ronja.jpg (14600 Byte) Bruce_usa.jpg (37169 Byte)

Ma Ronja (Quanda-Ronja aus der Mackenmühle) and Dad Bruce (And I'm Great to be Back)


kaprice.jpg (21843 Byte) blu3.jpg (


Kaprice aus der Mackenmühle and Blue Moon of Sun Bay


billie1.jpg (12156 Byte)

Grandpa Billy (Ch. Main Tickle Dark Knight)


loverboy.jpg (17420 Byte) daddy.jpg (29141 Byte)

  Greatgrandpas Amorada's Lover Boy and Ch. Daddy Manlio for Pow Wow


favorits.jpg (31475 Byte)

Greatgreatgrandpa Pouch Cove's Favorite Son

sv_solitaire.jpg (18487 Byte)

Greatgreatgrandma Sun Valley's Solitaire



And I'm Great to be Back

SHSB 564201    S   HD-A


Main Tickle Dark Knight

LOI DS138742   S   HD-A

Ch.  Daddy Manlio for Pow Wow      LOI DS122185   SrSW    HD-B

Ch.  Pow Wow's First Date of Skimeister    LOI DS115588    S   HD-A

Blu Moon of Sun Bay

LOI DS 149570   S   HD-A

Ch. Twillin Gate Persuader                 LOI DS115904      S    HD-B

Sun Valley's Cindy of Vertigo             LOI DS106055   SrSW     HD-

Quanda-Ronja aus der Mackenmühle

DNK 37740      S   HD-C


Gammel-Dansk vom Riesrand

DNK 31916    S   HD-A

DK-Ch. Black Domes Sir Coxwain     DKK03387/80   S     HD-A

VDH-Ch.  Ferry vom Sonnenberg     DNK 30206        S     HD-B

Kaprice aus der Mackenmühle

DNK 36064   SrSW   HD-A

Amorada's Lover Boy                           NHSB 1725513  SrSW     HD-B

D/VDH-Ch.  Bummi aus der Mackenmühle      DNK 31924   S   HD-A

boneline.gif (4615 Byte)neufi3.gif (2347 Byte)



Young: Exc 1 (Thun/CH '99)

Exc   (Syrgenstein '00)

Exc2  (München '00)

Open Class: Exc 1 (Syrgenstein 04.02.01)

Exc 4 (Landshut 06.01.02)

Exc 2 (Nürnberg 07.04.02)

Exc 3 (XXL Heimarshausen 21.09.02)

Exc 2 (Kassel 08.12.02)

Exc 1 (Landshut/Kronwinkl 05.01.03)

Exc 2 (Frankfurt 14.06.03)


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welpe.jpg (20384 Byte)
A-Litter (Ronja)
welpe.jpg (20384 Byte)
C-Litter (Julie)
Fairweather's Always in Your Mind


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