19.07.1993 - 26.04.2004

Amadeus 10 1/2 years


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We have our Amadeus from our very first Newfoundland-litter, mother is our Kira, born: 19.07.1993. He is our single male in the herd and under all him of girl, he has to say nothing at all...

Because the risk something too big that perhaps he his mother could cover and had anyway no breeding-ambitions we with him and has, he was castrated.

Amadeus is a meek, dear bear, who guards his girls " at the fence powerfully " however, as soon as a foreign dog appears outdoors.

He knocks lovingly within our human-stove, but however on his antics-ette-ness - if one doesn't immediately heed him, he rams one his head under the poor: caressing announced!       

Amadeus is one of the few Newfoundlands, which doesn't necessarily divide the water-passion, - he cannot swim and goes up to the stomach into the water at most - and that not very often...

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8 3/4 years old


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