3/4 - BlackrLandseer

╚ non un angelo (Angelo) ╚ la luce delle stelle (Ela) +
Eros Ramazzotti (Balu) Emilia Ronja (Ronja)
Espero Joe (Joe) Espresso Elna (Elna)
Eternitß Emma (Emma)

April 2007: Date between sisters Eros Ramazzotti and ╚ La Luce Delle Stelle (with Mia):

Sisters 2 3/4 years old: Eros Ramazzotti and ╚ La Luce Delle Stelle


╚ non un angelo (Angelo) - DNK 44390:

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Eros Ramazzotti (Balu) - DNK 44391:






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Espero Joe (Joe) - DNK 44392:

Joe lives with friends Jutta and Peter in near from me.

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╚ la luce delle stelle (Ela) - DNK 44393:

Lives with my friends Kerstin and Frank in near from me.

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Espresso Elna (Elna) - DNK 44394:

Happy Birthday Elna (10 years old) !!!


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Emilia Ronja (Ronja) - DNK 44395:

Ronja live in a new home with her friend Remus, a Landseer male.

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EternitÓ Emma (Emma) - DNK 44395:

March 2005

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2. week:

╚ la luce delle stelle


Espresso Elna


Emilia Ronja


Eternita Emma


╚ non un angelo


Eros Ramazzottl


Espero Joe


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1. week:

Female 1 and male 2 one day old

Nr. 1 is born - a girl    -     an her 2 brothers and 3 sisters




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Stupsletta's Flying Mountie     -    Fairweather's Always In Your Mind


Neufundland-Database and more infos

Stupsletta's Flying Mountie

DNK 39600-I     BW     HD-A

ED/OCD 0    Cyst. free

Klevegardens Loffe
S 43620/90        BW       HD A
Enajons Harlekin
S 2245/88                   HD A
Baeckevickens Ronja
S 56940/87
Stupsletta's Tally-Ho Girl
N 39244/91        BW       HD A
Topmast's Fellah of Stupsletta
N 06787/91                   HD A
Amorada's Great Garlic Girl
N 22578/88                   HD A
Fairweather's Always In Your Mind

DNK 41000-I      B     HD A

ED/OCD 0       Cyst. Carr.     Heart free

Main Tickle Forbidden Planet

LOI DS 148712    B          
Int. Ch.
Twillin Gate Persuader
LOI DS 115904   
   B       HD B
Int. Ch.
PowWow's First Date of Skimeister
LOI DS 115588   
B       HD A
Any Chance For You
SHSB 564200      B          
Main Tickle Dark Knight

LOI DS 138742   
   B       HD A
Blu Moon of Sun Bay
LOI DS 149570   
   B       HD A



Main Tickle Forbidden Planet - Any Chance For You

Klevegardens Loffe -
Stupsletta's Tally-Ho Girl

ę Gabi   

Pow Wow's First Date of Skimeister


Main Tickle Dark Knight   Blu Moon of Sun Bay
Main Tickle Dark Knight - Blu Moon of Sun Bay

Sikandi Aussie Bear

Amorada's Guardian Angel (sister to "Amorada's Great Garlic Girl"

K.C.s first/last puppies: D-Litter and F-Litter

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