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Dio Mio Joshua (Joshua) Didica A Janis (Janis)
D'accordo Doug (Doug) + Dolce Vitá (Ashly)


Dio Mio Joshua - DNK 43262

Hips free, ellbows 1, shoulders free

Joshua lives in a family together with 2 Newfoundland females. He has settled down very well, carries the keys with enthusiasm, is interested slowly for water and swimming, and is a very affable, rather, but spirited young male.

The early examination from the hips showes a good result, as well with the other joints, elbows, shoulders and knees, and also the heart is ok.

Houseman at work in the kitchen: Joshua !


4 years old



Josh with his girls and owner


A Newf...


2 years


18 month - a very lovely boy

15 month

7 month

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D'accordo Doug - DNK 43263

+  12.08.2002

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Doug (right) with his sister Ashly

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Didica A Janis - DNK 43264

Hips free

Janis also lives in the proximity in Nuremberg in a family, however with cats. Dog society has her sufficiently however. Janis accompanies her family excited to the mountaineering, was in August in the Dolomites and has taken part some tours there.

19 month


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Dolce Vitá - DNK 43265

    Ashly has moved as single into the foreign countries, into the beautiful Pitztal (Austria) to a family with horses and cats. Through the hollyday-guests she also has dogsociety again and again (tip for dogholders - from it could convince us we - very commendable! ). Also she has settled down very well. In the comparison to her siblings Ashly is however rather a "comfortable" representative of her race.

The early examination from the hips yielded a good result, also no heart-showiness were determined, Ashly is absolutly healthy.



summer 2003

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7. week:

Dio Mio Joshua
D'accordo Doug
Didica A Janis
Dolce Vità

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Fairweather's Always In Your Mind (K.C.) und Latin Lover del Castelbarco (Lover)

Neufundländer-Database and more infos

Latin Lover del Castelbarco

DNK 40968-I    S      HD-A


The Bombardier

AKCWP 389400/01     S     HD-A


Barharber's Just West of East

WG 318617      S       HD-A


Tabu's Pooh Bearabella

WF 821292        S      HD-A


Jasmin Jessie del Castelbarco

LOI DS 172629         S     HD-A


Owasco Zero Hour 3 A.M.

LOI DS 123288    S      HD-B


Pouch Cove's My American Dream

LOI DS 108955     S      HD

Fairweather's Always In Your Mind

DNK 41000-I     S      HD-A


Main Tickle Forbidden Planet

LOI DS148712         S      HD-A


Twillin Gate Persuader

LOI DS115904       S      HD-B


Pow Wow's First Date of Skimeister

LOI DS115588       S      HD-A

Any Chance for You

LOI DS185304         S      HD-B/C


Main Tickle Dark Knight

LOI DS138742       S      HD-A

Blu Moon of Sun Bay

LOI DS149570      S      HD-A


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