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BOB of the World Dog Show 2000 is:


Fairweather's A Great Pretender




Juniors and veteran: Rainer Vuorinen (SF)
Bitches: Ronald Pamberton (USA)
Dogs: Kerstin Einarson (S)
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Exc 1 Ch. Cayuga Ike Marshall of Bonaventura

     Manlio Massa

Exc 2 Ch. Midnight Lady's Especially for You

     Siklosi Bela

Exc 3 Ch. And I'm Great to be Back

     Giorgio Salina

Exc 4 Ch. Cayuga Eddy Eclipse Black




Exc 1 Ch. Wanitopa Madam Butterfly

     Juliet Leicester

Exc 2 Ch. Pouch Cove's Ms. Natalie Wood


Exc 3 Ch. Cayuga Haylaema of Bonavista


Exc 4 Ch. Councilcup Joy Borgoleonardo

     Mc Dowell/Mazza

Open Class:

Exc 1 Braveheart

     Pelis Corrado

Exc 2 Cayuga Winner Takes all of Bonaventura

     Paola Cigala

Exc 3 Jew's Sharp of Bonaventura


Exc 4 TipTop's Westin Union


Open Class:

Exc 1 Kalypso's Panda vom Riesrand


Exc 2 Check Mate of Black Shadow

     Alessandra Bargagliotti

Exc 3 Main Tickle Quickly Bewitched


Exc 4 Cayuga No Cause of Bonaventura



Junior Class:

Exc 1 Fairweather's A Great Pretender


     Giorgio und Loredana Salina/Avanzi

Exc 2 Cayuga Rocky Graziano of Bonaventura

     Manlio Massa

Exc 3 Theodore Little Big Honey

     Laura Bressan/Massimiliano Dell'Ova

Exc 4 Pong De La Terre Aux Loups

     Jose Beg


Junior Class:

Exc 1 My First Lady

     Vincenzo Riccobono

Exc 2 Tickish Newfoundland High Voltage

     Tickish Newfoundland

Exc 3 Priscilla

     Paolo Goldoni

Exc 4 Caprice

     Sergio Gallenda


Exc 1 Sun of my Life


Exc 2 Emersonsweet


Exc 3 Max


Exc 4 Twillin Gate Your Mine



Exc 1 Pretty Teddy Bear De La Fee Des Eaux

     Jean Luis Danton

Exc 2 New F Age Ritornello

     Paolo Bosina

Exc 3 Ebbybear

     Milena Rossi

Intermedia Class:

Exc 1 Pouch Cove's Walk Tall Cayuga

     Manlio Massa

Exc 2 MerryChristmas Del Castelbarco

     Smerilio Ouari

Exc 3 Story Rex Indiana Black Warrior

     Bruno Viaggi

Exc 4 Deeplake

     Milena Rossi

Intermedia Class:

Exc 1 Miss Maya del Castelbarco

     Fedorka Orebic Malfatti

Exc 2 Little Bay's Autumn Fire

     Benedicte Barth

Exc 3 Twillin Gate You Two


Exc 4 Fairweather's Always in Your Mind

     Margit Vogel



Exc 1 Ch. Owasco Zero Hour 3 A.M.

     Beatrice Schiatti



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Fairweather's A Great Pretender

(Ch. Main Tickle Forbidden Planet - Any Chance For You)

Breeder: Salina Giorgio and Loredana/CH, Owner: Salina/Avanzi

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Championclass Dogs

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Open Class Dogs


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Intermedia Class Dogs

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Juniorclass Dogs

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Puppyclass Dogs


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Championclass Bitches

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Open Class Bitches


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Intermedia Class Bitches

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Juniorclass Bitches

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Puppyclass Bitches

Pictures by Thickish Newfoundland (Thanks)


Report of World Dog Show in Milano


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