The little handler has much joy and zeal, and that’s right. It's not good if a child is forced, to go into the ring. The kids have to be courious and should conquer this world by themselves.

 For the kids the atmosphere of shows is not unknown due to visits with their parents, but it's another thing to stand self in the ring. "What does the judge expect?" "Will I do everything corectly?" "Will my dog obey me?" – this and other thoughts are in the little heads. But it isn't so bad! And it makes fun too, when you ask the kids or you watch them.

 The little girl on these pictures is Michelle Salina from Switzerland (here she is 4 years old) with her female Millie (Main Tickle Quickly Bewitched) at the Juniorhandling in August 2000 in Hohenroda/Germany. Michelle and Millie are a wonderful and firm team, they are best friends. Millie follows her little girlfriend almost allover, and through Michelle’s Dad she has a lot of ring-experience, so it wasn't difficult for Michelle to show her darling so well to the judge – on her 1st Juniorhandling. Would someone want to step into the successful footsteps of her Dad?

Good luck for the future, my little girl!

kinderhandling1.jpg (26438 Byte)    kinderhandling.jpg (4613 Byte)

3 little girls with their dogs in front of the "strict" judges’ eyes. Dad Giorgio has a secret tip for Michelle...


michelle_millie2.jpg (34160 Byte)

Yes, running belong, to it! Here both in full action...


michelle_millie.jpg (27038 Byte)     michelle_millie1.jpg (32444 Byte)

Puh, it's done! Worth the effort, wasn’t it!? 


michellemillie_fer.jpg (25169 Byte)
Millie and Michelle at home - a team...


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