21.-22. July 2001


Saturday, 21.07.2001:

Males Norman Bellanger (USA)
Females Roger Frey (USA)
Puppies and Junior Class Gerda Brouwer (NL)




Exc1+BOB Mount Cook Quapaw

Exc2 Cannon Bear Quentin

Exc3 Senetta's Quater Back

Exc4 Newetta's Charlie Chap


Exc1+BOS Cannon Bear's Tribute to Chilie

Exc2 Barenkind Dipladenia Rosea

Exc3 Midnight Lady's First of All

Exc4 Top Bear's Miranda Malou

Open Class:

Exc1 Main Tickle It Happened One Night

Exc2 Geronimo

Exc3 Cannon Bear's Uncle Tom

Exc4 Black Houdini's Al Capone

Open Class:

Exc1 Jydecompagniet  Columbine

Exc2 Jydecompagniet Daisy

Exc3 Newfland's Fortuna

Exc4 Cannon Bear's Proclamation

Intermediate Class:

Exc1 Lad's o Sulivan of Dalecarlia

Exc2 Cannon Bear's Vincent Van Gogh

Exc3 Newf Dream's Eliott

Exc4 Jehaj Oswald

Intermediate Class:

Exc1 Newf Mermaid Yukon Gold

Exc2 Jehaj Jensine

Exc3 Top Bear's Olivia Olympia


Junior Class:

Exc1 Newf Bear's Sigurd of Wilford Park

Exc2 Ursa Danica's Eliott

Exc3 I'll be back van Strait of Belle Isle

Exc4 I'm the diamond vom Aiching

Junior Class:

Exc1 Geminorum Ucraina

Exc2 Top Bear's Quiny Quick

Exc3 Newetta Hope for the future

Exc4 Newf Bear's Shania Twain all over

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Main Tickle It Happened One Night


gc01cbuncletom_milo.jpg (9844 Byte)


Sunday, 22.07.2001:

Males Roger Frey (USA)
Females Norman Bellanger (USA)
Puppies and Junior Class Birgitte Schjoth (DK)
Males Females

Exc1 Mount Cook Quapaw

Exc2 Top Bear's Major Maxman

Exc3 Top Bear's My Milton

Exc4 Mount Cook Qennedy


Exc1 Top Bear's Miranda Malou

Exc2 Midnight Lady's First of All

Exc3 Bärenkind Dipladenia Rosea

Exc4 Cannon Bear's Tribute to Chilie

Open Class:

Exc1+BOB Geronimo

Exc2 Newfland's Friendly Fellow

Exc3 Ursula's National Express

Exc4 Toad Hall Milo

Open Class:

Exc1 Newfland's Fortuna




Intermediate Class:

Exc1 Cannon Bear's Vincent Van Gogh

Exc2 Jehaj Oswald

Exc3 Wanitopa Moonshine

Exc4 Newetta's Gentleman in Brown

Intermediate Class:

Exc1 Beerkesgarden's Kymberly Kass

Exc2 Top Bear's Olivia Olympia

Exc3 Newf Mermaid Yukon Gold

Exc4 Cannon Bear's Vendetta

Junior Class:

Exc1 Spring Creek Alexander the Great

Exc2 Albert

Exc3 Ike Braun von Aiching

Exc4 Newf Bear's Sigurd of Wilford Park

Junior Class:

Exc1 Gold Bear's Peekaboo

Exc2 Newetta's Hope for the future

Exc3 Newf of Mark's Fjante Fie

Exc4 Top Bear's Quiny Quick

gc01plooh.jpg (11585 Byte)  
Puppies Females

gc01alexander_newflands.jpg (11242 Byte)


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Gold Cup-Finale - Sunday, 22.07.2001:


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Top Bear's Miranda Malou


Cannon Bear's Tribute To Chili
4. Newfland's Fortuna
5. Geminorum Ucraina
6. Spring Creek's Alexander The Great
7. Cannon Bear's Vincent Van Gogh
8. Newf Bear's Sigurd of Vilfort Park

gc01finaleletzten8.jpg (14681 Byte)    gb01finaleletzten6.jpg (14184 Byte)         gb01finale2.jpg (14059 Byte)

gb01geronimo.jpg (9210 Byte)
Gold Cup-Winner 2001: Geronimo

Fotos: Monika Theißen

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